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Anantara Bangkok riverside

Well I have to say that for Thailand wedding venues, you are spoilt for choice when it come to a wedding venue. Many couples choose to have a beach wedding with sunshine pretty much guaranteed and there are many resorts for this, Phuket, Hua hin and Koi Samui being some of the popular choices. But many couples like the idea of a city wedding in Bangkok with its incredible nightlife, and  of those couples choosing to have a beach wedding, most couples stay in Bangkok for their first couple of nights so that they can sort out attire and indulge in a little shopping.

The Terminal 21 shopping centre is a fantastic place for this with 9 floors all themed and looking like an airport with arrivals and departure labels on each floor escalators. You leave the Japan level to San Fransisco with themed floors and shops to match, and a variety of restaurants serving delicacies like Fish and Chips and KFC, yep, you just can’t get away from them, but you will experience some amazing dining here in Thailand with many restaurants offering all you can eat buffet style dining with sushi buffets, fresh meat and fish cooked on your own barbecue in the middle of your table and all for just £10 per head including soft drinks. Venture further down the food floors and you will come to the Thai section where you will need to top up a card to pay for your food, but 200 baht or £4 will be plenty as the food here is 40 baht or 80p for a main course with starter main and dessert costing around £3.00 and a much safer way to try the local food than street food, which I must point out, refrigeration is not around, and ice melts quickly in 30 degree temperatures. So be warned, stick to indoor eating when trying local food, the Thai people have a steel gut and although many local street food venders have great food, it is just not worth the risk when you are visiting for something as important as a wedding.

Anantara Koh SamuiThailand Wedding venue

One of the resorts groups that have a number of amazing venues is Anantara. They have 3 Bangkok hotels with their Bangkok Riverside resort set on the banks of the grand Chao Phraya River within 11 acres of lush tropical grounds where their spa treatments are hidden within their gardens and a mix of suites providing traditional thai architecture combined with urban living within a tropical paradise. With a specialist team devoted to weddings they have a number of resorts throughout Thailand including  Hua Hin, Phuket, Koh Samui and more. Like most resorts they also have package deals available with everything taken care of. 

Thailand will certainly allow you to dream, there are a number of rooftop venues looking over Bangkok city from the 50th plus floor, for those not scared of heights of course, but whatever you are looking for the cities 1100 hotels will have what you want and within your budget. Like any country there are many private boutique resorts that will provide you with an opportunity to book the whole place and have a family affair.

What you need to understand about Thailand wedding venues is that, there are 5 star hotels here costing £40 per night and there are 5 star hotels costing £4,000 per night, every taste and budget is catered for, and you just need to use an agent locally to find you the perfect venue for you. If you have chosen your venue or have a problem deciding, just put a message below and I will try and help you.


Photo credit: Anantara Resorts, Koh Samui and Bangkok Riverside

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