Jenny Packham’s 1930 inspired Collection

Ever since my brothers wedding where my sister in law choose the most exquisite dress I have been obsessed in Jenny Packham’s unique and definitive bridal designs.



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Welcome ‘Joy’ from Jenny Packhams SS11 Collection, my gorgeous sister in laws dress from their wedding in 2012 that captured all eyes and developed my bridal dress obsession, shame I’m already married.  Maybe I should consider a  renowal of vows as an excuse to indulge in her 2015 Collection.


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That was then and this is now, so here’s a few of my favourite pieces from her 2015 Collection in all their glory! Let’s start with the Hepburn;


16 HepburnLF

Jenny Packham 2015 Collection – Hepburn

The Jenny Packham 2015 Bridal Collection is inspired by the photographs of British society photographer, Madame Yevonde.


05 Harlowlr

Jenny Packham 2015 Collection – Harlow

In the 1930’s, the dawn of colour photography, Yevonde created a series of portraits of society ladies dressed in classical costumes, known as ‘The Goddesses’. Her stylised images of mythological heroines – Helen of Troy, Persephone, Venus – captured an ancient world of antiquity, within a modern and hauntingly beautiful treatment.


13 Billielr

Jenny Packham 2015 Collection – Billie

The colours Madame Yevonde used; soft, tonal, always romantic, and the feminine way she played with light and colour to create a hazy, neoclassical ambiance, directly influence the design and palette of this season’s collection.


03 GraceLR

Jenny Packham 2015 Collection – Grace

Soft buttermilks, champagnes and warm blush caramel tones in sumptuous silk chiffon and ethereal tulle compliment traditional classic ivory.


10 Kellyklr

Jenny Packham 2015 Collection – Kelly

Celestial capes, whimsical tiered hemlines and exquisite veils add a romantic, mythical affection to the collection whilst delicate French lace is adorned with signature beading and twinkling crystals in an array of molten golds, antique metallic silvers and rich alabasters.


14 ShirleyLR

Jenny Packham 2015 Collection – Shirley

With Thanks to Jenny Packham

Credits: Olliver Photography and Jenny Packham

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