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Summer Wedding Makeup Tips

I was recently filming a fashion campaign with a Russian client and the lovely makeup artist Magda Skoczylas used a range of products which I’d never used before and I fell in love with how dewy and glossy my skin looked. Obviously your makeup on a friends wedding day is crucial. But in this heat you can suffer real nightmares if you dont have a quality base and it starts to wear off.

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Dropping a Dress Size

Dropping a Dress Size with The London Lifestylist. When your preparing for your wedding day the main thought in most women’s minds is to fit into their perfect dress. I have tried copious amounts of body wraps and treatments over the years in a quest to shrink the inches especially as a Beauty Journalist. I was recently invited to try a new inch loss treatment that seems to be causing a stir.

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Timeless Beauty for Brides

 In the run up to any woman’s wedding day the pressure is on to look and feel her very best. Most of the time we look for quick fixes for our skin and body, but sometimes it’s the simplest changes that can make the biggest impact. As a beauty expert I always advise women to make healthier lifestyle choices to make an impact on how they look and feel. So

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