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Smile Makeover in a Day

Smile Makeover in a Day   My recent 1 day Smile Makeover caused quite a buzz and for all those lovely brides and grooms or even parents that are worried about their wedding pictures and want to look gorgeous on their big day I can understand how you feel and thought I would share my experience with you.       Over the last few years I’ve become increasingly busy as

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Jenny Packham’s 1930 inspired Collection

Ever since my brothers wedding where my sister in law choose the most exquisite dress I have been obsessed in Jenny Packham’s unique and definitive bridal designs.       Welcome ‘Joy’ from Jenny Packhams SS11 Collection, my gorgeous sister in laws dress from their wedding in 2012 that captured all eyes and developed my bridal dress obsession, shame I’m already married.  Maybe I should consider a  renowal of vows as an excuse to indulge in

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Dropping a Dress Size

Dropping a Dress Size with The London Lifestylist. When your preparing for your wedding day the main thought in most women’s minds is to fit into their perfect dress. I have tried copious amounts of body wraps and treatments over the years in a quest to shrink the inches especially as a Beauty Journalist. I was recently invited to try a new inch loss treatment that seems to be causing a stir.

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