The Great British Wedding

My first post…. so I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Alex, and I am a wedding addict. Well, not quite, but close – you see, I am not a bride to be – I am already married. So why am I here, and what can I offer? I am a wedding planner, for one, and I also run a wedding website, which I launched at the end of last year… The Great British Wedding.


The site has a blog of it’s own, but it is more of an article driven blog, rather than my musings – and while we encourage interaction via the site, emails and our social media pages, I wanted to share my own views on the industry – and on how to create your own dream wedding. So now you know who I am, I hope you will enjoy reading my take on the (often crazy) world of weddings – from where to find inspiration, amazing things I have found (and want to share), to my take on wedding shows and events; and everything wedding-y in between. This is my spot to say it from the other side of the fence…. and all views I express are most definitely my own! Enjoy!

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