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I remember when I got engaged. A little while ago now sadly…. (I need to stay off Pinterest as I really want to renew my vows just for some of the things that I have seen on there, but that is another story!). Like many brides to be I hurried to the nearest store to buy an arm full of glossies, and set to work planning my dream day. However, so started months of inspiration hunting and web surfing that Google would be proud of – and I struggled to find anything that matched the vision in my head.

star wars wedding

A star wars wedding? Hmmmm.

Sat here today, I am happy to say that times have changed. Guess what? You are reading what I mean by that statement – a blog. While many blogs are still the musings (and occasional ramblings – sorry about that) of one or two individuals, many of the blogs relating to the wedding industry are now big business – and a great source of wedding ideas. What is more, there isn’t just one wedding blog, or two or even twenty – there are literally hundreds out there, catering for every type of wedding that you can think of.

Want a DIY wedding? No problems (heck you can even have a DIY hen party now ). Fancy something vintage? Loads of wedding blogs available. What about a style led big day? There are so many wedding ideas out there it is crazy. A starwars do? Ok, so you might be on your own for that one (although you never know).

vintage plates

Vintage wedding blogs? No problem.

Where to find your perfect wedding blog match? Well, good old Google is a great place to start, or you could turn to something like the Wedding and Wedding Flowers blog awards. They are an annual event, and have 10 categories of wedding blog – each with 5 nominees. We are sponsoring the best newcomer award, and all 5 blogs in the category are amazing – all together the awards give a list of some pretty great places to start looking for wedding ideas. So keep an ear to the ground for the winners over the next week (the awards are on Friday), and take your pick…. from the wedding blogs on offer you are sure to find the perfect place to help make your vision a reality.

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