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Money makes the world go round. No, that would be science, but I see their point – money is definitely a useful commodity… especially when planning a wedding. I was reading a question on a bridal site the other night – ‘how do I organise my wedding budget!’ – and it got me thinking. Surely it isn’t that hard!? Well, actually, perhaps it is… if you over think it.

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You see, many people seem to try to plan the day first, and then wonder why the money runs out. It may not be the most romantic thing in the world, but money should be the first topic of discussion that you have when you get engaged. For some, that conversation may also involve family who would be happy to contribute. For others who either want to go it alone, or have no financial support, it’s a private affair. Either way you set the budget for the day first, before deciding just how flexible it is, and then start planning. A Kardashian style wedding it will not be if your budget is not there… even if you Pinterest dream board says otherwise.

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Sure, if it turns out that your pockets are deep go ahead and plan, plan, plan! For the majority though, the next step is thinking about what matters most TO YOU – your wedding wish list. Is a sit down meal all you have ever dreamed of? Do you desperately want that designer gown? When you have your priorities in place, then you can go ahead and organise your newly decided upon budget, remembering that venue hire and catering are probably going to be your biggest expenses (unless you choose a certain fast food restaurant for your breakfast – nothing wrong with that). You may find that even if family cannot offer a set amount of money towards the day, they would like to contribute to making or buying your cake, or just the flowers, for example… and then you can re-organise your finances again.

So what are your priorities? For me, it would be starting married life without a debt…. so maybe if you want that celeb wedding, the engagement should be a little longer than theirs often are. After all a 10 tier cake and Bollinger champagne are all very nice, but unless they are part of your wish list, a financial hangover is not, and the most important part of the whole day is actually saying ‘I will’. Anyone for a burger?

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