So… the wedding dress….

It’s white, it’s huge, it’s….. hopefully your wedding cake. In all seriousness, the days of Diana-esque mountains of satin are no longer here. Never fear if voluminous is your style… there are plenty of options out there, although now there are also plenty of options for those who like be able to pee with ease whist wearing the most important dress of their lives.

Picture dated 29 July 1981 of Diana, Pri

Now, I am definitely a less is more kind of girl, despite my love of all things that glitter (I swear I was a magpie in a former life) – but let me tell you a little story. When I chose my own wedding dress, many moons ago, I headed straight for a retailer that specialised in the simple is beautiful style. On picking out a gown, I was promptly told by the assistant that it wouldn’t suit; but she didn’t do so kindly. After leaving the store thoroughly deflated, I visited a second store and tried on my supposed dream dress. She was right. I didn’t look or feel like a bride. I learnt two lessons that day – one, that if someone is not nice to you about something so important then they shouldn’t be in such an industry, and two, that despite her lack of tact, she actually knew her stuff – shame she couldn’t have explained it better.



Dress by Muscat London

You see, there are a number of different styles of dress, and as I found, fishtail did not suit me (take a look at The Great British Wedding blog on Thursday morning for a run down of styles). But this story also proved something else about wedding dresses – often you end up with something completely different than what you originally had in mind. For a dress that is so personal and special, you really need to try them on to see what I mean… some people may be able to buy from China and it look stunning, but for the majority pictures just don’t show you how it will look on your figure, and what it looks like in real life.



Dress by Amanda Wyatt

My tale ends happily…. I found my dress – in a lovely little shop where the assistants happily helped me choose, and allowed me to try on every style ‘just to make sure’ (I emerged from the changing rooms for 3 seconds in a meringue style before retreating to dry my tear filled eyes – frightening stuff)…. and what did I end up with? An a-line dress covered in lace. Not quite so plain and simple then. I still can’t believe the Duchess of Cambridge copied my style. Some things are just meant to be.

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