Wedding venues – the perfect location?

One of the biggest parts (and expenses if it includes catering) of a wedding, is your venue. The sheer number of wedding venues out there can make life tricky. The decision of where to hold your perfect day is a big one, and unless you are lucky enough to already have a venue in mind, it can be a daunting decision to make. What sort of venue to go for, location, size, facilities…. agghhhh!


one venue with a great history… St Pancras Renaissance, London

Well, here is a little run down of questions to ask yourself before you even start looking, to aid you on your quest to wedding venue perfection.

1. Size. How big is your guest list? If you have 500 people coming, a boutique hotel might be more like sardines in a tin than caviar.

2. Civil ceremony? If you want to marry in the same place as your reception, you have to ensure it has a licence….

3. Marrying elsewhere? Distance. If you know you will marry in your village church, even if you put on transport for your guests, a 50 minute drive to the reception is pushing it a bit.

4. Facilities. Parking for those 500 guests? Check. A licensed bar? Check. Catering facilities (or the ability to provide water and electrics for caterers)? Check. Toilets? Ahhh, knew there was something that barn didn’t have.

NE 002 034

this converted barn has it all… Ever after weddings, Devon

5. Accommodation. Do you want to stay there? Does it have enough rooms for your guests if you want them to stay there? Is there alternative accommodation nearby?

6. Last but not least… the wow factor. The place doesn’t have to be spectacular… if it is what you want. If it don’t make you sing, it ain’t worth the – look i’m not a poet, but you get the jist. If you are going for a vintage theme, a modern inner city hotel just isn’t going to cut the mustard, if you see what I mean – the place has to suit you. And if you must end up somewhere not quite right, you can always decorate it. NOWHERE will be totally 100% perfect, but if you get that ‘vibe’, you have it nailed.


the wow factor… Vinopolis, London

Of course, if you have already fallen in love with somewhere, even if you can’t quite fit the numbers in, or the hog roast you fancy is a no go (I desperately wanted fireworks – no luck at my venue), then something has to give. After all, this is your wedding day, and while common sense should always be listened to, sometimes the heart should overrule the head – especially if your memories of the day mean that you started your life as husband and wife in the place of your dreams. All the venues you see here, and more are in our venue directory.

Happy hunting!

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