A Unique Wedding

Everyone wants a unique wedding. If every wedding was the same, they would be highly boring, and although some aspects need to be the same (the ‘I do’ legal bit) the rest is all about you as a couple – not what everyone else is doing. How do you achieve that though? After all, the majority of weddings do follow a pattern…. the service followed by the breakfast, with an evening reception.


Someone I know is getting married. In a barn. Aw, romantic!!! No,no… a BARN. Not a wedding venue that once WAS a barn – a real barn, with no power, no furniture and no toilets. you know what though, that is one way to make your day stand out… and I reckon it’s going to be a blast. Still, this is quite an extreme way of being unique, so here are some ideas for a wedding that little bit different.

1. A unique venue – Yes, a barn – but what about an aquarium, a zoo, a theme park….

2. A wedding that isn’t a wedding – thinking of a small do? How about inviting your guests to a party…. only to announce it’s a wedding when they turn up? Very celebrity!

3. Catering – do something really fun with your food and drink. A cocktail bar, and ice bar, lots of food stalls rather than a buffet.

4. Go BIG! – If you have the budget arrive by helicopter, rent a stately home, finish with fireworks….


5. Go small – an intimate wedding is likely to be remembered by all who attend – you can have a separate party for many after the event… but keeping the actual ceremony and breakfast small makes for a very personal affair.

6. Do something wacky – in a previous blog I mentioned a certain burger restaurant for a reception – it won’t be forgotten!

7. The best way – BE YOURSELVES. The best way to make your day memorable is to add your own personalities, likes and  hobbies to your day. If your wedding reminds your guests whose wedding they are at, they are going to remember it for years to come.


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