Bridal hats – yay or nay?

The other day I was rummaging through my mum’s attic wardrobe for vintage finds, when I stumbled upon my aunt’s bridal hat (previously only seen in photos). I have yet to ask my aunt how it ended up in my mother’s possession, but let’s just say my sister and I had a right laugh trying it on.  Bless my aunt, but her sense of style definitely proved not to be timeless!

At first thought, it might seem completely ridiculous to wear a hat or even a headpiece on your wedding day. But then consider Grace Kelly, whose Juliet cap was the cherry on top on one of the most iconic bridal outfits of all time. Another, completely different, but equally iconic, bride was Bianca Jagger during her 1971 wedding to Mick Jagger. Her daring wedding suit would not have made the same headlines without that stylish hat, which complemented her strong personality perfectly.

Mick and Bianca Jagger


Hat pros and cons

So what are the pros and cons of wearing a hat on your wedding day? On the plus side, it is an undeniable scene-stealer, a choice that will guarantee all eyes on you. It is also perfect if you want to evoke a particular era with your outfit as the hat can further emphasize the look you are going for. What about combining a simple 1960’s style dress with a pillbox hat, or a 1920’s gown with a cloche hat?

Take inspiration from Kate Middleton’s pillbox hat

On the downside, it is a fine line between a scene-stealer and something that is just distracting. The point is to have you wear the hat, not the other way around, so it is important that it does not look like a costume. You should also keep in mind that wearing a hat might involve some practical issues that need to be considered. Will it end up shadowing your face in photos? Can you remove it without having to adjust your hair?

Wearing a hat thus involves a bit of risk taking, and it takes a confident bride to pull it off. If you do, however, you might even become a style icon yourself!

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