Wedding garters for starters

Are you planning on tossing the garter at your wedding? To be honest I have never been to a wedding where this tradition took place, and it never crossed my mind to do it at my own.

Nevertheless, I did wear a bridal garter when I got married, and finding one turned out to be somewhat of an eye opener. Since neither my mum nor my aunt wore a garter I had to hunt for one, and never had I thought that such a little detail could entail so many options. Did you know there are garter designers that can cater to your needs?

The choices are endless!

Garter shopping 101

Firstly, if you are buying a new garter, don’t buy one until you have found your dress! Since it’s not supposed to be visible, smaller and thinner garters need to be worn with dresses with thin fabrics, as will mermaid style dresses, which are tight around the thighs.

Second of all, what garter style would you like? Do you want it to match your lingerie, going for a sexy look, or do you want to have some fun, using it as a flask holder or to honour your husband-to-be by wearing one with the emblem of his favourite sports team? Believe me, both things are possible!


The sexy garter look

If you are at a loss as to where to find your perfect garter, the Internet is the way to go (as with anything these days). Classic lace styles, vintage, custom made… you can find it all just a few clicks away. Use Pinterest for inspiration and go from there!

If you are planning on tossing your garter during the reception, remember that you can buy a wedding garter set, with a smaller, more basic garter to throw away, and a bigger, more elaborate one to be worn and kept between you and your man.

I ended up buying a beautiful custom-made pearl and lace garter. While I spent a little more money, I wholeheartedly recommend it. After all, a garter is a perfect wedding day keepsake – and a great gift for a future daughter on her very own wedding day.

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