Wedding jewellery: bring out the bling!

The world of jewellery is a treacherous one. Accessorising is truly an art mastered only by the few! Sadly, wedding jewellery is no exception, with so many wonderful options it is easy to go overboard. Luckily, there are some simple guidelines that will help you avoid looking like a Christmas tree.

Diamond necklace


Let the dress lead the way

And as with most wedding style decisions, start with the dress! Your wedding jewellery should enhance its cut and colour and reinforce its style (along these lines, a bohemian dress might not look its best paired with a pearl choker). Keep in mind that often less is more –one focal piece of jewellery will go a long way.

No matter if you are going for a chunky choker or a delicate pendant, necklaces go well with V-necks and strapless dresses which leave room to enhance the neckline. If your dress has an open back, why not put your hair up and highlight this feature with a backwards necklace a la Jennifer Lawrence at the Academy Awards? On the other hand, necklaces often look far too busy paired with halter neck dresses.

Jennifer Lawrence

Most brides wear some form of earrings on their big day. High necklines and elaborate wedding gowns go well with stud or smaller pendant earrings as they do not draw too much attention away from the dress, while statement chandelier earrings look lovely paired with strapless and sweetheart cut dresses.

What about bracelets? If you are wearing long sleeves, you might want to choose another kind of jewellery, but bracelets often complement short-sleeved dresses nicely.  If you have a one-shoulder dress,wear the bracelet on the opposite side to bring balance to your outfit.

Last but not least, make sure that you are comfortable. Not only should your jewellery not distract or pinch you in anyway, you also need to feel like you look like you. Not a fan of necklaces? Don’t wear one! Try your pieces out and change them if necessary, your wedding day is by no means a time for compromises.

With that said, off you go and happy jewellery hunting!

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