Say cheese… wedding cake!

I love cheese. And when I say love, I mean will-eat-a-whole-block-of-cheddar-and-then-some-in-one-sitting love. But despite my love for all things cheesy (this includes films and music), I was really confused when my friend told me about the cheese wedding cake her cousin served at his wedding. Was she talking about a New York style cheesecake?

I love cheese!

I love cheese!


Cheese on cheese on cheese

After a quick Google search, I realised that a cheese wedding cake basically consists of several wheel shaped cheeses placed on top of each other, often decorated with flowers and fruit to look like a conventional wedding cake.

I was surprised to learn that cheese cakes had become a thing over the past decade or so. Since I was let in on the secret just last week I had no idea it existed at the time of my wedding. Had I known, my husband would have had a hard time convincing me not to get one!

Just imagine – high quality Stilton, Brie and Camembert, served with crackers, fresh fruit, delicious chutneys and artisan jams. To me it sounds like a brilliant way to add a bit of gastronomic originality to your reception, an idea that you’d probably find in Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle publication Goop. And such a delicious late night snack for the after party!

If Gwyneth can do it, so can we!

It is not unthinkable that an unconventional dessert choice will cause some ruckus (not everyone loves cheese as much as me). Don’t let this stop you! Just keep in mind that if you do opt for a cheese wedding cake, it might be a good idea to have a simple dessert alternative ready if you suspect that your taste might be very different from some of your guests. Based on what my friend told me about the reactions to the cheese, cupcakes were enough to keep the few cheese sceptics happy.

Not convinced? Most companies that deliver cheese wedding cakes will send you a sample box for a very reasonable price. Why not order one­, open a bottle of red and have a cheese tasting night with your fiancé? I might just order one myself!

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