His precious: choosing the right wedding band for your man

In ancient Egypt the ring symbolized eternity, and the ring finger was believed to contain a vein leading directly to the heart. Since then, grooms around the world have been giving rings to their brides, but men themselves have only recently started wearing wedding bands, originally a way to remind drafted soldiers of their commitments back home.

While men of today often own a piece of jewellery or two, his wedding band is certainly the one that is supposed to last the longest. So what elements are there to ponder when buying this life-long symbol of loyal love for your man?


Let's talk about his wedding band

Let’s talk about his wedding band

Choosing material

The first thing to consider is his lifestyle. Is he a guy with a hands-on job and hobbies that could potentially damage the ring? Combine the answer with your budget, and you have narrowed down your options considerably. Among the options are:

Gold – High-karat gold bands are tarnish-resistant but are soft and scratch easily. Lower-karat gold is not as luxurious, but is more durable due to its alloying with other metals.

Platinum – It is fairly durable but rather heavy and pricier than gold. It isn’t scratch resistant.

Silver – While affordable compared to gold or platinum, silver isn’t especially durable.

Tungsten and ceramic -These materials are affordable, extremely durable and increasingly popular. While tungsten rings are quite heavy, ceramic ones are lightweight. Both are hypoallergenic.


Choosing style

Before your final decision, there are some style options to mull over such as colour, finish, width and possible decorations. His wedding band should match his personality – is he traditional or unconventional? Also, to what extent should it match your ring?

A good example of a personalized wedding band is Matthew McConaughey’s. While the material is traditional gold, it is engraved with the number 6.22 – cryptically symbolizing his favourite bible verse which was read at his wedding to Camilla Alves.

Matthew McConaughey's wedding band

Matthew McConaughey’s wedding band

Finally, if you find the perfect wedding band but can’t afford it, you can always go for a cheaper option, start saving up, and buy the ‘real’ one for an upcoming wedding anniversary. Better late than never, right?

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