White gold wedding ring fever

Like the rest of the world, trends in the wedding universe are cyclical. Although the yellow gold wedding rings worn by most of our parents and grandparents are slowly getting popular again, white gold wedding rings are still the preferred choice for most brides. Knowing the benefits, it comes as no surprise.


White gold nicely complements diamonds

White gold nicely complements diamonds


Gold versus platinum

If you are looking for a wedding ring made of white metal, you can either opt for platinum or white gold. While platinum is naturally white, gold is, as we all know, naturally yellow. White gold rings are composed of yellow gold alloyed with white metals such as palladium, and given a finishing plating of rhodium to produce its final colour, which is extremely similar to platinum.

So why not go for platinum? To be honest, platinum is more durable than gold and will not need re-plating (as a white gold ring inevitably will). But platinum is also more expensive and heavier than gold.


Gold versus gold

What about yellow gold? At the end of the day it mostly boils down to personal style. If your ring has diamonds, however, white gold has the clear advantage of complementing the stone’s brilliance, whereas yellow gold can enhance any yellow hues that exist to some degree in most diamonds.

Personally I never doubted for a second that white gold was the right choice for me. My skin tone does not go well with yellow gold and since I’m not a big fan of rings (before I was engaged, I practically never wore them), I wanted a light piece of jewellery that I would not find cumbersome. Also, I have to admit, I was inspired by the gorgeous rings Brad Pitt designed for his and Jennifer Aniston’s wedding (even though they said their vows a good decade before me and my husband).

Brad and Jen’s wedding rings


In the end, my white gold ring might not have been designed by a famous Hollywood actor, but I adore it as much as ever – and my husband and I are still going strong!

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