2014 wedding cake trends

Traditional wedding cakes are not for every bride. In fact, bakers are noticing a departure from the fruit cake towards more original flavours and looks – letting the cake reflect the wedding theme or the personality of the bride and groom to a greater extent.

While every couple adds their own creative flair, there are some elements that seem to be very popular this year. Maybe one of them is for you!

The floral

The floral decoration


Are you a romantic but quirky type? Then you’ll probably like this! Flowers are of course a staple decoration when it comes to wedding cakes, but the latest trend is to really shower the cake with colourful flowers, be they fresh or made of sugar. If I were to have another wedding, a peony-decorated cake would probably be my choice!



One way or another, metallic has been a staple part of any fashion conscious woman’s wardrobe for the last few years, so it is not surprising that this trend is now also present in the wedding cake universe. Personally, I really like the option to have a rather simple cake design, but add a splash of colour by having one metallic tier.

Trendy and elegant



An immortal colour combination, favoured by style icons like Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn, a black and white cake is the option for the classic yet unique bride. If your wedding is meant to be a very sleek one, maybe even black tie, this could be the way to go.

Love this black and white

Of course, since the cake should ideally be the result of two people’s tastes and wishes, the groom might want to have a say in the process. But there is nothing wrong with showing a little initiative, now is there? Maybe you could decide the design and he gets to have a say in when it comes to picking the flavours? Just a suggestion!

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