Traditional but versatile – the round wedding bouquet

There are a few things to think about when deciding on your wedding bouquet. The first things that pop into your head are probably the colour and types of flowers but then there is shape, design, meaning… Simply put, different bouquets say different things and are suitable for different brides. However, whether you are going for a classic or a more bohemian look, love roses or daffodils, there is one shape that works with most tastes and styles – the round bouquet.

Round bouquets

Round bouquets work with most styles and bugets

One bouquet fits all

The round bouquet is perhaps the most popular of all. The most traditional look, it is incredibly versatile and works well with almost all wedding dress styles, brides, settings, and levels of formality.

Pretty much any type of any flower can be made into a round bouquet, which will allow you to incorporate your favourite flowers, whereas other shapes, such as cascade or crescent bouquets, require flowers with lines to get the form desired.  Because of their flexibility, round bouquets can be composed in a variety of ways: multiple colours but one kind of flower, varying both colours and flowers, or a variety of flowers in the same colour. The latter was the choice of Princess Madeleine of Sweden whose gorgeous white wedding bouquet consisted of a variety of garden roses, lilies of the valley and myrtle.

If a princess can do it, so can you!


The globular arrangement is easy to make, therefore often cheaper. The round shape allows it to be made larger or smaller depending on the bride’s needs and preferences. While the shape works with almost any dress (particularly ball gowns and short-length gowns), the size of your round bouquet should ideally be adapted to the dress silhouette – the bigger the dress the bigger the bouquet (or else it will end up getting lost in the fabric). Another thing to keep in mind is that an embellished dress often looks better with a simple bouquet and vice versa.

Given its many advantages, it is no wonder that it is the preferred choice of most brides (including myself). Considering all the decisions that come with planning a wedding, it is nice to know that at least a few of them can be made easy!

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