Size matters: wedding veil lengths

As with all wedding accessories, a veil is there to complement your dress, so having the dress figured out is always a must (unless you are like a friend of mine, who actually chose her dress to fit her grandmother’s antique veil).

Which is veil length for you?

Which is the veil length for you?

From head to toe

Wedding veils come in literally all lengths possible from down to the tip of your nose, all the way down to an extravagant Lady Di like train. Below are the most common ones:

Lady Di’s cathedral-length veil

Visor – A visor veil does not extend past your chin, and can be favourably combined with a hat – think the royal ascot! It is usually worn with dresses that have high-neck details.

Shoulder – A shoulder length veil touches your shoulders or covers them slightly. It works nicely with dresses with bust, waist or lower back details.

Elbow – The elbow length highlights dresses with spectacular skirts, such as a ball gown style dress.

Waist – A little bit longer than the elbow length veil, the waist length suits most dress styles that do not feature a train and keeps the focus on the bodice.

Fingertip – This is one of the most popular lengths.When you stretch your arm out the veil reaches around your fingertips allowing it to suit a majority of dress styles.

Knee length – Is your dress cropped at the calves? Then this is the veil for you! One of the longer styles, it will still allow you to move around without hassle, should you want to keep it on for the reception.

Ballet length – Also known as floor length, this veil just about brushes the floor. The flowing fabric adds extra volume to your look, perfect if your dress has a more streamlined silhouette.

Chapel and cathedral - Best combined with dresses with trains, chapel and cathedral length veils will highlight the dress train and extend even further, cathedral style being the longest. The effect is definitely dramatic, but requires a spacious venue and possibly even assistants (!).

 I hope this has brought some clarity regarding the veil length, and you will soon be able to move on to more exciting things: the veil design…

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