Wedding gloves: on or off?

Bridal gloves date back to the 18th century when ladies of better means wore them not only to weddings, but also as an everyday accessory. During these times, men would send gloves to the woman they loved as a symbol of undying devotion. If the feelings were mutual, she would show it by wearing them to church.

For formal weddings, gloves were a must as they were considered to be a mark of grace and sophistication, symbolising the bride’s special status on her big day. The gloves signalled that she was not to dirty her hands or even lift a finger.

Gloves are the mark of grace and sophistication



Modern use

Nowadays, wedding gloves are of course completely optional, and more of a personal choice. If you wish to accentuate the formality of your wedding or add a touch of vintage, gloves can be very effective!

To simplify it, there are four basic glove styles to choose from:

Opera gloves - Long and climbing up the length of the arm, opera gloves go well with sleeveless gowns.

Elbow gloves - Extending to the elbow, this style gives a ‘Cinderella look’ to off-the-shoulder wedding dresses.

Classic gloves - The most traditional of all lengths works well with most gowns. This style comes up along the forearm, but does not quite cover the elbow.

Short gloves - The short glove comes up just over the bride’s hand. Extremely feminine, they were the preferred choice of Jackie Kennedy at her 1953 wedding to John F. Kennedy.

John and Jackie Kennedy on their wedding day

The colour of the gloves should always match the wedding dress. In terms of material, gloves can be made of silk, satin, cotton, lace and leather, ranging from solid to crocheted and opaque to sheer.  They can also be plain or adorned with pearls, sequins or beads. The simpler the dress, the more elaborate the gloves can be. However, they should never overpower the dress, only complement it.

I opted out from wearing gloves for my wedding, but we all know that each bride is different. How about you, would you wear gloves to yours?

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