Have an affordable wedding cake with Marks & Spencer

It is no secret that wedding cakes can be pretty pricey (and to be honest, some of them look way better than they taste). The best wedding cake I ever had was actually home-made by my friend’s aunt for her wedding, but not all of us can be so lucky to have a master baker in the family. Luckily for all strapped-for-cash non-bakers out there, Marks & Spencer has come to our rescue with a surprisingly nice wedding cake selection ranging from around £15 for a basic (and granted, very small) cutting bar to £349 for the most extravagant option: a four-tier cake made to look like a bird cage. If you are in a creative mood, you can also assemble your own cake based on a selection of flavour combinations, including savoury ones! How about a pork pie cake?

There are lots to choose from with Marks & Spencer

My M&S favourites

If I were to buy an M&S wedding cake today, I would go for one of these:

Three-tier white chocolate swirl wedding cakeThree tiers of chocolate cake smothered in chocolate ganache and hand decorated with textured white chocolate. Safe to say, if you like chocolate, you will probably like this cake. To mix things up a bit, it can even be stacked upside down!

The M&S cupcakesM&S offers either the mini variety, which comes in butter sponge, with vanilla or raspberry frosting, and chocolate sponge with chocolate frosting, or the normal sized variety, where you will have to make do with only the butter sponge.

How would you have your cupcake?

Birdcage cake - A four-tier assorted cake covered with a double layer of soft icing, finished with iced decoration to resemble a birdcage. It might be the priciest option, but you get four cakes in one since each layer is a different flavour: fruitcake, butter sponge, chocolate cake and lemon cake.

A wedding cake from M&S will not feature 900 individually iced flowers (as Prince William’s and Kate Middleton’s did), but it is certainly a pretty great deal. And to be honest, if you like the way it looks and tastes, does the brand really matter?

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