Wedding Planing Drama-don’t let it get you down!

From the moment that sparkly ring is slipped on your finger, through all the planning, all the way to the day you say “I do” everyone is just simply so happy aren’t they? Everyone gets along and agrees and no one ever argues over anything right?

If you are laughing that it because you’ve been there.  You know that in truth, from the moment that beautiful ring is settled on your finger, drama is going to circle you like buzzing bees.  I’m in that very patch of buzzing bees right now. To save you a few wedding planning headaches, here are some tips about avoiding the drama.

~Everyone wants that perfect wedding with every perfect detail in place. The truth of the matter is that is not going to happen.  People will want different things, people will argue, and there will be items that you can’t find (like the brides-maid dress you’ve been dreaming about for your girls).  But if you learn to let go of a few minor details (the napkins NOT matching the dresses perfectly will not be the end of the world-I promise) then you can save yourself from your own drama.  Remember why you are getting married-is it because you wanted to show everyone you can match the invitation ribbons to the flowers? Or is it so that you can celebrate spending the rest of your life with the person you love?

~Family will fight!!! Somehow, it seems inevitable that family will fight.  It may be yours, it may be his, it may be both, but it will all surround your wedding.  I think it’s because of #1 money (remember they are spending a lot too) and #2 letting you go.  To me it becomes stressful that they need to let their baby go, it’s an emotional time.  Try to pick your battles.  Is it worth arguing with your soon to be mother-in-law about what  color dress she wears? Probably not.  But she may fight with you about it.  Try to let the smaller things go.  The bigger things are not so easy to let go, like big family blow-outs where feeling truly are hurt.  But try to resolve things in a calm and adult manner.  You’re wedding day is special and you don’t want the memory of family sulking in the corner when they should be celebrating your big day!

~Remember that weddings are stressful for everyone.  For the bride, the groom, the families, and the  people in your wedding party.  Try to keep in mind that while your wedding may be the center of YOUR world (as is should be) it is NOT the center of theirs.  There will be job problems, and relationship problems, and all kinds of bumps in the road for everyone. Instead of getting angry or upset if people are having a hard time getting started, or if it is hard to get a hold of people (to a point of course) try to be understanding.  Make sure while they are loving and supporting you for your day, you are loving and supporting them through what they are going through too.

My motto for my wedding has been “as long as we are married at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.” And I stick by that 100%.  To me, the day is about being surrounded by people you love celebrating one of the biggest days in your life.  So try to relax and let the drama go (easier said than done I know).  Keep your eyes on the prize- you’re getting married to the love of your life!!

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