Expert Guide to Choosing Engagement and Wedding Rings

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Congratulations! You’ve got engaged and are planning your wedding. Now you have a small but vital decision to make: choosing a wedding band that works with your engagement ring.

I sat down with an expert from, the UK’s leading luxury online jeweller specialising in diamond engagement and wedding rings, and got them to share their expert knowledge on this important topic.


First, the ring size

The golden rule when buying any ring is to always get the correct ring size first. Never measure ring size using DIY methods, such as a string and a ruler, as they almost always end in disappointment. Instead, do…

  • Download a ring sizer app such as this one for your phone and use it to measure an existing ring, or
  • Get a ring sizer tool, will send you one for free, or
  • Visit a jeweller and have your finger measured

You can find out more information about measuring ring sizes here


Do you have an engagement ring already? If so, you can skip to the last part of this article, on wedding rings. Otherwise stay with us and we’ll help you choose the perfect engagement ring for you.

About style

Whether you’re the groom shopping solo, or the couple making a purchase together, the key is to consider the bride’s taste and style first. She must love her ring, because she’ll be wearing it for a lifetime. Her clothing is a great cue, and existing jewellery is another. If the ring’s wearer likes simple, elegant styles, then an understated solitaire is best. If she normally goes for large, opulent jewellery, consider a more extravagant ring. Grooms, don’t hesitate to ask the bride’s friends or sisters for advice!

Here are some popular diamond designs: (accompany these with images)

Solitaire – a single diamond

Halo – a solitaire encircled by smaller diamonds

Sidestones – extra diamonds on the ring’s band

Cluster – several small diamonds are grouped closely together

Gemstones – colourful gems like emeralds, sapphires or rubies

You can view all the different style engagement rings here





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