Formula for the perfect best man’s speech

Although I am a big fan of a good wedding speech, when it came to writing my own as a best man, I realised that it was actually quite a task! Unlike Robert Webb who was the best man at his friend and comedy partner David Mitchell’s wedding, I’m not the world’s wittiest, so I did some research and came up with a formula to help me and others write a top speech.

David Mitchell and Robert Webb

An important thing to remember is that the speeches should be family friendly, and although there might be an abundance of inappropriate material, resist! Remember that this is the bride and groom’s special day, so don’t go too over the top, and definitely don’t get drunk beforehand. Try to limit it to between 5 and 8 minutes; there’s nothing worse than a speech that drags on.

First the formalities…

Firstly thank the parents (mention their names) and thank everyone for coming.

Then the couple…

You can then talk a bit about the couple, make it personal and affectionate. Make sure that you talk about what you personally know; you can tell the story of how they met or anything else that is interesting or funny which refers to them or their relationship.

Now the groom…

As best man, now is your chance to talk about the groom. Tell a funny story, but keep it clean (remember that Granny might be there) and try to pick one that by the end, shows him in a good light – or that he is a good friend at least!

A word about the bride…

You may not know the bride very well, but try to put something in to compliment her – even if it is just how beautiful she looks and how happy she makes your friend.

And finally…

It is nice to finish the speech with a funny or fitting quote about marriage, happiness or love, tying everything together, before finally proposing a toast to the happy couple.

Remember that no one is looking to criticise you, and everyone wants the speech to go well, so enjoy it!


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