Not just your usual wedding speech

The best thing about a wedding speech is that it gives people the chance to say all the things that they want to say, but don’t in everyday life. These days we aren’t just bound to the traditional ‘speech’ format. People are getting more adventurous in their delivery methods.

Wedding speeches don’t have to be traditional.

When I think of unusual wedding speeches, the one that springs to mind is the guy in the US who turned his speech at the wedding of his lifelong friend and fellow Britney Spears fan, into a Britney dance. Not only was this fun and entertaining, it also was a perfect celebration of their unique story.

By being a bit creative, a wedding speech can be fun, memorable and totally unique.



For those with song writing and performing talent, singing is a lovely way to send a message. Songs should be original, or use a familiar melody with personalised lyrics. Remember that people have to listen to it, so it’s not recommended for those who can’t sing – although rapping is an option!



A poem gives a perfect opportunity to talk from the heart. It’s all in the delivery, so you need to practise speaking clearly and with expression – perhaps a better option for those without a singing voice.



Another interesting method could be through acting. Get the bridesmaids and families involved to make a fun and interesting play, maybe telling a funny story that the guests will never forget.



For those with the ability, an interpretive dance can be another exciting way to show people how much you love them. Again, others can get involved, making the moment even more spectacular.



With modern technology, videos or slideshows are a fun way of delivering a speech. Animation, interviews, photos and clips can be put together to give a personal and touching ‘speech’.

When I think about a wedding speech, the most important thing is for it to be enjoyable and to show your affection for the couple. Bearing these in mind you can’t go wrong.

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