Speech, speech, speech!

When I proposed to my girlfriend, the last thing that I had in mind was the toasts at the reception. As the day got closer, however, I realised how important the speeches are. It’s what many of the guests are waiting for!

Obviously there is no ‘right’ way to conduct a wedding reception these days, but speeches are usually expected and a reception without thanking those involved and the guests for coming does seem a little strange.


Traditionally the speeches are made by the father of the bride, the groom and the best man.  These days, however, it’s not uncommon for the bride and the head bridesmaid to make speeches as well. We decided to stick with the traditional set up as my fiancée wasn’t keen on making a speech.

Sometimes the bride gives a speech

The father-of-the-bride speech usually consists of thanking everybody involved and complimenting his daughter, as well as welcoming the groom into the family and proposing a toast to the happy couple.

The father of the bride goes first

After the father of the bride’s speech, usually comes the groom’s. The protocol for the groom’s speech is to thank the father of the bride; thank everyone else involved, including both sets of parents and the best man; and compliment the bride and bridesmaids.  I felt that having done all of this, there wasn’t much time for a lot else without boring my guests!

The person I think that felt the most pressure was my brother Mark, who was my best man. The best man’s speech is notorious for having to be funny. Luckily Mark is a good story teller and even better comedian so the only worry I had was what stories he was going to embarrass me with. I was hoping for something like the famous speech by Stephen Henning, where he got loads of celebrities including Alan Fletcher (Neighbours’ Karl Kennedy) to record a congratulatory message, and then made a video of them all. Unfortunately Mark’s creativity didn’t stretch that far, and we had to make do with some funny stories at my expense!

Overall the wedding was perfect and finished off by some great speeches – even if I do say so myself!

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