Wedding speech-writing for beginners

When it comes to writing wedding speeches, I wouldn’t say that I’m an expert, but I have done a few! Obviously there are a few things that are customary to say and do in a speech such as thanking people and toasting the happy couple, but the most important thing is to give an honest message that shows your affection for the newlyweds. This could be the best present that you give them.

The best speeches are personal, sincere and not too long! It doesn’t even have to be very funny, although it always helps. When Tom Fletcher (from the band McFly) married his fiancée, Giovanna, his speech was a song. This was genius because song writing and performing is what he does best and nothing touches hearts like music.

Obviously not all of us are as talented as Tom Fletcher, but with a bit of work, everyone can come up with a beautiful, genuine speech, full of their own personality.

Tom Fletcher singing his wedding speech

Tom Fletcher singing his wedding speech


Make it a story

A good way to structure a speech is by making it a story, with a beginning, middle and end. It is about engaging the audience and talking as if you would be telling a story to your mates in the pub… although it’s a good idea to start the heavy drinking after the speech and watch your language. Remember, it’s a family affair!


Keep it personal

The most meaningful speeches talk about personal experiences and stories with the newlyweds. In addition to being easier to talk about, it makes it more special for the couple and boosts sincerity.


Time is of the essence

We’ve all sat through long wedding speeches, which usually end up with the guests falling asleep into their wine glasses. I tried to keep my speech to 5 minutes, just long enough to engage with the guests but not too long for it to become boring.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone wants your speech to be successful. Although it may seem a daunting task at first, try to relax, be honest and enjoy it.

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