When will the wedding speeches be?

Weddings today don’t have to strictly follow a certain plan. Speeches, however expected, add to the sense of occasion, pave the way for toasts and allow other people to put a personal touch on the wedding.

Unusual wedding speeches, like Justin Bieber’s serenade to his manager Scooter Braun, shows that happy couples are breaking all the rules in terms of custom. Traditionally, speeches are done after the wedding breakfast, marking the end of the formalities and the beginning of the party. But I recently went to a friend’s wedding where they made the speeches before the meal and this made me think, when is the best time to have the speeches?

Justin Bieber serenading the newlyweds


Before the meal

Just like my friend Chris’s wedding, the speeches can be done before the meal, meaning that those who are doing the speeches can relax and enjoy their food. It does mean though that the audience wouldn’t have drunk so much and are less likely to laugh, and let’s face it, the speeches aren’t supposed to be a chore to get over and done with. It could also mean some very hungry guests…

During the meal

Some people are taking to the idea of a speech between each course of the meal. This means that hours of boring speeches can be broken up, but if you’re expecting that, someone needs to have a word with the speech-makers. Having the speeches broken up can affect the flow and make it more difficult for each speech-maker and annoying for the guests.

After the meal

Having the speeches after the meal makes a nice link between the meal and the party, and it seems like a proper way to end the meal. This does mean, however,that the speech-makers will have to watch how much they drink, and there’ll be a lot of catching up to do afterwards.

I wonder when Hugh Jackman said his best man speech!

The beauty of a wedding day is that it can be exactly what the couple wants, and that includes the speeches. As long as the right thing is said, they will be a success!

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