Father of the bride speech: the basics

Your daughter’s wedding day can be one of the happiest but also one of the most daunting days of your life. Despite my dad’s grumpy façade, it was obvious how delighted he was for my sister when she married, and how, secretly, he cherished the opportunity to both give her away and make his father of the bride speech.

Captain Mark Phillips ready to give away Zara Philips

Captain Mark Phillips ready to give away Zara Philips

Even for fathers of the bride who are used to speaking in public, the speech is a nerve-racking experience. I suspect that even Keith Allen had a few butterflies when he delivered his speech at his daughter Lily Allen’s wedding. In an attempt to help my dad write his speech, I came up with some ideas. By having it all planned out, there is less chance of things going wrong, and this ultimately settles the nerves a bit.

The main thing to remember in a father of the bride speech is that it should be personal, heart-warming and affectionate. Try to be positive about the couple’s future, and remember, this is your chance to publicly tell your daughter how much you love her.


The formal part

Make sure that you thank the guests for coming, as well as welcome your new son-in-law into the family and acknowledge his parents. Usually yours will be the first speech, so these are important.


The emotional bit

Once the formalities are out of the way, you can concentrate on talking about your bond with your daughter. You can reminisce about funny or touching moments, tell a story and talk about how she has blossomed into a beautiful woman, but try not to embarrass her too much!

You can then talk a little about the groom, warn him about looking after your daughter, and offer them some marital advice.


The toast

Finish off your speech by proposing a toast to the happy couple, showing that you are giving them your blessing.

The happy couple, Sam Copper and Lily Allen

When writing a father of the bride speech, the most important thing to remember is to be yourself. Be genuine and focus on your relationship with your daughter. By bearing these things in mind, your speech will be unique and just perfect.

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