The best groom’s wedding speeches

My sister’s new husband is a naturally funny person, but even he was nervous before giving his groom’s speech at the wedding. “I wonder if Kanye West felt this nervous,” he said. This is quite different from a performing on stage. Firstly you are in front of all of your family and friends, and secondly, you are talking about things which are deeply personal.

What are you going to say when all eyes are on you?

What are you going to say when all eyes are on you?

In an attempt to ease his nerves I found some videos on YouTube of some of my favourite groom speeches.


Why not use props?

I liked this one because it was very funny, a really British sense of humour – one that is similar to my new brother-in-law’s. Whilst being really funny, it was also quite touching, and I thought this was the kind of speech that my sister’s husband was hoping to write. I liked his use of props, which not only was an interesting feature but also helped him in remembering the structure of the speech.


Show off your relationships

This speech was another of my favourites because it was so personal. I really enjoyed how the groom showed his great relationship with everyone (especially his mother-in-law!) and he seemed completely at ease with all of the family and other guests.


When in doubt, rhyme

There are a few things which I loved about this video. The first was that it showed such great encouragement from the guests. When it seemed like the groom was getting emotional, everyone cheered him on. The speech was lovely, personal, emotional and also funny. The final aspect which I really liked was the delivery, which was in rhyme. If you are a good writer, but not such a great talker, this can be great because you can read it word for word.

Always try to practise beforehand!

I was hoping to prove to my brother-in-law that writing and delivering a speech needn’t be such a daunting task, and anyone can deliver a good speech. And, well, if I do say so myself, it worked!

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