How to write the father of the bride speech

The day has arrived for your little girl to finally get married. A father-of-the-bride speech isn’t only your chance to express your feelings about giving your daughter away but also how you feel about gaining a son.

A bittersweet moment

A bittersweet moment

When my sister got married, my dad was really nervous about giving his speech, so I did a bit of research to help him with it. Even after the number of father-of-the-bride speeches that he must have done, Mick Jagger probably still got nervous!

Here are a few tips that I have found on how to write a great father-of-the-bride speech.


  1. Get your emotions on paper

The most important thing to remember in your father-of-the-bride speech is to try to get your emotions across. How you are feeling about your daughter growing up and getting married? How overjoyed are you that she is happy?


  1. How was she as a child?

You can talk about how she was as a child or a grumpy teenager. This part went down particularly well at my sister’s wedding!

Remember the time it was just the two of you


  1. How was she before she met her fiancé?

If applicable (!) you can describe how your daughter was as a young woman, before she met her fiancé. Was she less confident, wilder, less happy or more independent?


  1. Give some marital advice

It’s nice for a dad to give her daughter (and husband) a piece of marital advice, some tips for a happy marriage. Try to keep these light and maybe humorous.


  1. Don’t try to be funny if you’re not

There’s nothing more cringe-worthy than someone trying to be funny who just isn’t! If you’re not a naturally funny person, make the speech heartfelt.


The most important thing to remember when writing your father-of-the-bride speech is to keep it heart-warming, personal and affectionate. If you like, you can add some humour, but even just showing your emotion is sure to bring a tear to everyone’s eyes.

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