Writing your wedding vows

Although it pains me to say it, wedding vows are the most important things that you’ll say on your wedding day. I personally love the speeches, but wedding vows written by the couple themselves can be more special.  Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie wrote their own vows, and it does seem to be quite the trend at the moment – a great thing in my opinion!

If they can do it then so can we!

If they can do it then so can we!

By writing your own vows your promise to each other is even more personal and this is why I encouraged my sister to write hers when she got married. Here are a few tips that I found that helped them write theirs.

Get inspired

By reading other people’s vows you can get in the zone, get inspired and get the right tone for your vows. You can incorporate the things that you like, and forget what you don’t.

Make notes about you two

Note down some words about you and your fiancée. Things like how you felt when you met, became engaged, what you really love about your fiancée, your thoughts about the future. You can use this as a basis for what you are about to write.

How would you describe you and you fiancée as a couple?


Talk to your fiancée

You need to discuss things like the format and tone of your vows. Are they going to be poetic or humorous? Are you going to write them together? Are you both going to make the same vows or different ones? If you are each going to write your own, are you going to keep them a secret up until the big day?

Keep your promises broad

You need to come up with some promises, usually two or three. Try to keep them broad, such as “I promise to support you “as opposed to “I promise to make you a cup of tea every morning” – although you can say this if you wish!

Keep it short

Try to limit your vows to a couple of minutes and leave the rest for the speeches.

Writing your own vows is a beautiful thing. Just like speeches, if you keep them short and heartfelt, you can’t go wrong.

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