Should you hire a band or DJ for your wedding?

I knew it was too good to last! In my first two wedding planning meetings with sister Jill and fiancé Alan, they agreed on everything.

But not last night! It was all going swimmingly until we talked about whether to hire a band or a DJ for the reception – then the sparks began to fly!

Would be nice to get Solange Knowles as your DJ!

Some key questions

Jill and Alan have about 8 months before they need to decide on the music, but here’s a checklist of questions:

What’s the average age of the majority of the guests? A band is a better “fits all” option and encourages people to get on the dance floor.

Is there a guest who will want or expect to sing at the reception? Alan’s Uncle Ted is sure to sing My Way and will expect a full band accompaniment!

Are you looking for variety of music and someone who can also act as an MC at the wedding party? Then an experienced DJ is the answer.

Or does your guest list include a celebrity who can serenade you like Tom Odell did for Fearne Cotton and Jesse Wood? If that’s the case, then just hire a DJ to provide dance music later!

Fearne Cotton and Jesse Wood on their wedding day


Don’t leave your music to chance

The kind of music you choose for your reception should immediately set the mood you want right from your first dance as Mr and Mrs. So leave nothing to chance!

Ultimately your budget will determine your choice of DJ or band. Hiring a DJ will cost less so if you’re not willing to spend, then the DJ option is a no-brainer! But whatever you decide, make sure you check them out before signing any contract. A DJ may have great music but an annoying personality, while a band may have a great sound but find it difficult to switch styles on demand.

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