Is a wedding planner right for you?

There are a lot of myths surrounding wedding planners, so let me set the record straight…a wedding planner can be a bridal couple’s Good Fairy!

Jennifer Lopez in the Wedding Planner

Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to hiring someone to plan such a special day. Here are my guidelines to help you decide whether a wedding planner is right for you:

You’re excited about your wedding day, but nervous about the preparations.

You don’t have outside help like a mother-of-the-bride or bridesmaids with experience.

You’re having a very short engagement while both working full time, so scheduling the wedding is a nightmare.

You have absolutely no idea about venues.

If any of the above applies to you, then you need a good wedding planner!

Your big day: blissful or stressful

People think the main disadvantage in hiring a wedding planner is the expense. But remember that because of our inside connections and experience, we avoid common mistakes so having a wedding planner can actually be cost-effective.

Another potentially negative factor is that the wedding planner has usually never met the couple before. While there will be several meetings with them ahead of the event, the relationship is less intimate than if your best friend or your mother is helping you.

But the pros of a wedding planner far outweigh the cons in my view! After all, do you want to sail through a blissful day with family and friends or do you want to feel stressed before, during and after?

Professional planning makes your day

Most celebrities use wedding planners and not always because they have the budget for it. If they opt for a reception at home, like Sir Paul McCartney when he married Nancy Shevell in St John’s Wood, then a professional can transform the house into a fabulous wedding venue!

Newlyweds Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell

Wedding planners also take care of “post-wedding” tasks, like transferring wedding gifts to wherever they need to go, and dealing with the payment of vendors’ bills. So the bride and groom can just slip away and enjoy the honeymoon!

I hope I have convinced you that a wedding planner can make your day!

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