Would you insure your wedding?

My sister Jill was surprised when I suggested to her that she and her fiancé Alan should consider getting wedding insurance for the celebration next July. “What’s going to happen? Is Alan thinking of leaving me at the altar?” she cried! I quickly reassured her of his eternal devotion, but warned of the risk of financial losses if something goes wrong before or on their big day.

Ensure a carefree wedding when you get insurance

Ensure a carefree wedding when you get insurance.


Protect against unforeseen hitches

Let’s face it, even with a top wedding planner like yours truly managing the event, unexpected hitches can spoil your nuptials and hurt your pocket!

Here are some ‘disasters’ which can occur prior to the wedding or on the day itself:

Your venue is burnt down and you have to make new arrangements. Just imagine the stress for couples who had chosen Eastbourne Pier for their celebration – one third of the pier was destroyed by a blaze.

A key vendor, like the caterer, goes bust.

Your fiancé is made redundant.

Your best man loses the wedding rings.

Your wedding cars fail to arrive, so you need organise alternative transport.

It’s always good to have backup.

Of course you can’t protect yourselves against every eventuality, but there are different kinds of wedding insurance policies to suit all budgets! As a rule, the level of cover is determined by the total cost of the event, namely how much it would cost the insurers if your wedding was cancelled.

I wonder if insurers paid out when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck cancelled their wedding in 2003?!


Ensuring wedding peace of mind

So I can imagine some of you are now thinking: ok, let’s not under-estimate the negative impact of an unforeseen setback, but is it necessary to bump up our wedding budget with the cost of an insurance policy?

My recommendation is yes, it’s a good idea, not least because it gives you peace of mind. And the extra expenditure is worth it in the end if something happens in the run-up to your wedding or on D-day. So go and check out the wide variety of wedding insurance available!

Good luck with your choice!

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