Your wedding timeline: six months before the wedding

Jill and Alan have just under a year to go before their nuptials and my sister is in countdown mode! We already have a checklist of things to be done between now and Christmas. We are progressing slowly but surely. But Jill likes to be ahead of the game, so last night over a bottle of Prosecco we listed the next steps for her wedding timeline.


Six month focus: decide on that dress!

With six months to go, the bride-to-be has two key priorities:

  1. Making a final decision on her wedding dress. It can take up to six months for the creation of your dreams to be ready, especially if it’s custom-made haute couture a la Kim Kardashian!
  2. Choosing the bridesmaids’ dresses – and reminding the groom to organise suiting up his side of the wedding party!


Remember the groomsmen!

Remember the groomsmen!

In addition, the bride and groom should book the caterers for the reception and arrange some menu tastings. At this stage it’s also advisable to hire a DJ, or a singer plus band, for the reception.  Good musicians get booked up quickly! And last but not least, finalise the guest list and order the invitations.

As you move towards that two-three months deadline, you need to focus on:

  1. Sending out the invitations. Remember to keep track of the RSVPs.
  2. Ordering the wedding cake.
  3. Organising the honeymoon – don’t leave this to chance!

If your cake is this grand, you better be sure to order it in advance!


Congratulations: you’re just about there!

With one month to go, you will either feel calm and in control or totally stressed out! At this stage, it’s the last-minute details which need attention:

Do you have the rings?

Do you have the wedding licence?

Have you sent the final numbers to your caterers and venue?

Have you finalised the ceremony with your officiant?

Have you organised transport for the wedding day?

And before you know it, you’re almost home and dry. It’s now the eve of your wedding day and you have everything to look forward to! Congratulations on a job well done!

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