Wedding etiquette: emails

I don’t know about you, but emails are my default mode of communication for organising a client meeting or a drink with the girls! But is there a place for emails when it comes to planning your wedding? Here are a few tips to help you decide!


Save the date over the net

It’s ok to use the internet to unveil your wedding plans include asking family and friends to keep the date free via a group email.

My sister Jill wanted to send out the save the date cards ahead of her big day next July. But fiancé Alan has so many relatives living overseas that we’ve decided to design a pretty note we can email six months before. Saves on postage!

But I suggested to Jill we use the same format to print individual cards for those older invitees who don’t have internet access or would love something to display on top of the TV.

Emails are also acceptable for invites to informal gatherings like your bridal shower or your hen party, particularly because these events are often for a smaller, more intimate group. Again, make sure that you check who’s online and who’s not!

I wonder if Kim Kardashian sent out email invites to her hen party!

This is also important further along in your wedding timeline, when you need to provide guests with details of hotels near the reception venue or transport options. Now I prefer to put this information on a wedding website. But you can email people if necessary.


Invitations: actual never virtual

There is no bigger etiquette faux-pas than sending out your invitations by email – I don’t care whether you’re called Jill or Kim Kardashian!

Your wedding invitation serves to rekindle momentum and excitement ahead of the event and is also a keepsake of your special day. But guests can of course have the option of emailing their RSVPs.

Another ‘don’t’ is to thank guests for their gifts by email. Unthinkable! Where appropriate, you can send a quick one-liner of thanks but always follow up with a formal, handwritten note.

Follow my guidelines and you won’t put a foot wrong!  Good luck!

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