The wonderful world of wedding fairs

The other night my sister Jill called me in a bit of a panic. After thinking things over, she was having a crisis of confidence over the plans we had for her upcoming wedding to her fiancé, Alan. ‘I like what we’ve come up with, but what if something is missing? What if we’re going in the wrong direction?’ she said. No need to panic! When in doubt, the best option is to see all options… and head to a wedding fair!


See all your options at a wedding fair

Why you should go

One of the most convenient ways to catch up on everything that is going on in the bridal world, wedding fairs bring together experts and exhibitors from all fields and are great venues for finding new inspiration and taking advantage of great deals.

At these one-stop events you can ask the flower experts about the most appropriate lilies for your springtime wedding, pastry chefs about the right sort of icing for your cake, and designers on the looks that will be in this season.

Ask them about decorating your cake as well!

Wedding fairs are a great way to streamline your ideas and come up with a concrete wedding theme. The regular bridal catwalk shows can help you decide on the sort of dress you want to wear, and you can also check out the different stands to select the artisans with whom you’ll want to work.

Drop in on the different photographers’ booths to check out their portfolios, try out the food offered by different caterers, and gather up free goodies… A winning situation all round!

How to find them

Numerous websites list comprehensive agendas that include wedding fair dates and locations.

Hitched’s Wedding Fair page features a list in chronological order, as well as a location search bar that will help you find the nearest venues. All Wedding Fayres has a drop-down bar that lets you select fairs according to geographic areas, and UK Bride features a special section where visitors can search according to both location and keywords.

What are you waiting for? Discover the latest bridal world developments by visiting your nearest wedding fair today!

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