Your wedding list: John Lewis and Wedding Presents Direct

As the clock ticks down to my sister Jill’s wedding to Alan, we’re focusing on one of the best material perks that come with getting married: the gifts! Modern technology has streamlined the process for both sides with the creation of online wedding list services, letting the happy couple select the items they’re most interested in receiving, and allowing guests to choose amongst them. This ensures that the present given on the special day is actually something the bride and groom want.

I did a little research on Jill’s behalf and compared two popular services: Wedding Presents Direct and John Lewis.

Selecting and buying gifts are made easier with these online services

Selecting and buying gifts are made easier with these online services


Wedding Presents Direct

Wedding Presents Direct is the UK’s oldest gift list service. The website is going through a rebranding process and has a few graphic glitches, but the process is straightforward and easy.

You select the items at the showrooms or online and the company manages the list on your behalf, updating you on what has been purchased and allowing for edits. After items are ordered and checked for damage, Wedding Presents delivers them to you whenever you wish! One downside is that delivery of your presents is only free once the total retail value of the items purchased has exceeded £2,000.


Brand names from John Lewis

John Lewis has a similar set-up, with a rather large selection of products and major brand names (from Villeroy & Boch to Le Creuset and even Vera Wang).

Your pick of presents

Besides the free registration, this service’s benefits include the option of buying  gift vouchers (allowing you time to pick out items at a later date), to contributing to a holiday escape instead of material products, or even donating to charity. The gift list can be edited at any point and comes with a special number that you can include on the wedding invitations. Guests, meanwhile, can buy presents in-store, online or by phone, with the additional perk of a free, nationwide delivery policy.

Wedding Presents has a wide variety of product options, while John Lewis offers different contribution and charity options. Both are great options depending on your particular wedding priorities.

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