Know your wedding invitations

With nine months to go, my sister Jill and I have begun to talk wedding invitations. We sent out a save the date last month, but now it’s time to work on the real thing!

Some might say it’s a bit early for this task since you can pick up invitations in any good department store. But don’t you want something unique? Jill certainly does, so we need to get our thinking caps on!

An informative design

There are many designers who specialise in wedding invitations, but you need a clear vision of what you want and also how much you plan to spend on this item.

Here are my tips:

I recommend about 4 per cent of your budget should go on stationery, including invitations, thank you notes, and postage.

Unless you have a lot of international guests, your postage won’t cost that much!

What kind of design do you want? Traditional or a bit quirky? This depends on your overall bridal style.

Go armed with inspirational ideas to see your designer, but remember your invitation must be original and not a copy!

What information do you need to provide? That’s the main purpose of the invitation. For example: the bridal couple’s names, the hosts’ names (if appropriate), the date, location and RSVP details. And, of course, your wedding website address!

Give your designer plenty of time for editing and tweaking.

And last, but not least, take the time to thoroughly proofread the invitation before sending it out! No misspelled names please!


Getting your order right

Deciding on how many invitations to print can be a challenge. You don’t want to order too many, but what if you run out? When you make a bulk order, a few extras shouldn’t bump up the cost, especially if you have a good relationship with your stationery designer! Most of your guests will be couples, so a good tip is to half the total number and order that amount of invitations.

It’s a bit like catering for your champagne reception for 200 guests– not everyone is going to eat every canapé you provide!

I hope my suggestions are useful for you!

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