Q: Why should I get married in Crete?

Hello Everyone!!!!

We had some really nice summer days over here in UK, but it’s back to “rain before seven, fine before eleven”. Are you worried about rain on your wedding day?
I hope reading this will answer any questions or second thoughts about why you should get married in Crete.image
An exciting sunshine destination where you will enjoy a warm welcome, tasty regional cuisines, ancient ruins and turquoise seas. Such a welcoming people makes for a great wedding destination and I have come across of the most beautiful celebrations here.image
Crete is an amazingly beautiful island, and it’s easy to see why a wedding in Crete is the dream of so many couples.  Just for a moment close your eyes and imagine yourself  by sandy beach, breathtaking sunset  with a fragrant breeze – what’s not to like?
Ohhh, did I forgot to mention sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine…image

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