How To Plan Your Wedding In Crete


You’ve said yessssss!!! And now you are excited about getting married in a stunning destination like Crete. You start to dream of romance, of perfect weather, and you know it will be amazing!!! You know people will talk about your wedding for years. But where on earth do you begin?
The best way to start planning is to decide what kind of wedding you desire. Is it a civil wedding ceremony outside a traditional Greek church with gorgeous sea views, on the beach with the waves blessing your journey, or have you been thinking about a luxurious private chartered yacht? There are a wide range of options for hotel ceremonies and luxurious receptions that can be organized to suit even the most discerning bride and groom-to-be.

Wild romantic gestures aside, there are matters of practical importance to consider.
For example, Legal matters and paperwork can be extremely stressful, especially in different country with language barriers. In Greece, wedding paperwork is exceptionally specific. I would recommend anyone planning to marry abroad to hire a Wedding Planner who can assure your paperwork is correct; to take away the stress of the formalities so you and your loved ones can enjoy the celebration that you’re there for.
I think many couples initially feel that using a wedding planner may be too expensive and will increase their wedding budget. But in fact using a wedding planner can help to save money, especially on a wedding abroad.
If you’re planning your marriage well in advance, you may even decide to visit your chosen venue beforehand to make sure that’s what you’ve been looking for, and you can meet any managers or wedding coordinators. Make it a point to meet the suppliers, too, when possible. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to take your own hairdresser and make-up artist with you, so find out who will be doing your hair and make-up on the day and ask for trial if possible.
Planning the wedding of your dreams is not small feat and your biggest ally here can be a wedding planner, who can focus on making your dream a reality without you having to go through Elm street!! ;)


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