Avoid a fashion faux pas and follow the mantra, Less is More..

CV_Narcissus (1)It’s well known, and often quoted by top fashion designers, that beautiful clothes should enhance and compliment a woman’s silhouette be emphasising one particular feature.  The most stunning, high end and luxurious of fashion does not integrate a low neckline with a bottom skimming low back and a thigh skimming high seam.  The classic ‘Less is More’ rings true and is even more important when choosing your wedding gown.

‘Less is More’ does not translate as less impact, less accentuation, less style or less drama, it actually stands stronger in its ‘MORE’… More accentuation of your best features, more impact, more class, more style, more of a breathtaking reaction from your bridal party and guests…

lark_bridal_2014_AlysaJust because you only get one opportunity to wear a masterpiece wedding gown creation does not mean that you need to include every single bridal trend or element that you like.  Choose a feature, one single feature, that you want to emphasise, whether it be your back, your waist, your décolletage or any other body part, and then focus on a gown that focuses on this area.  Alternatively work backwards, what area do you not want to draw attention to, thighs, arms, stomach etc., and focus on gowns where the shape and silhouette avoids accentuating that point and highlights a different area.

Nothing could be worse than looking back in years to come and wishing you’d covered your chest, your arms, your shoulders more and cringing at the similarities your bore to something from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

Keep it demure, keep it fabulous and keep it focused on the accentuation of one body part!  Follow the fashion mantra of the A-list stars, designers and royalty and you won’t go wrong – Less is always More!!!

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