Divorce the Diets, Wed the Will-power 

We all know what’s good for us and we all know what’s not.  Common sense is enough to know that a daily dose of chocolate fudge cake with cream is not going to give you a royal physique like Catherine Middleton on your wedding day.  In saying that, common sense should also prevail in knowing that the odd indulgence is enough to curb cravings and help stick to a healthy lifestyle of moderation.

CV_DianeGetting fit and healthy is all about increasing your daily calories/energy burnt and reducing your daily calories/energy consumed.  It’s logical, it’s simple but it’s also fully dependant on you and your commitment to wanting to get fit and healthy. You, and you alone control your actions, and it is only your will-power that will help you succeed.

Every second report in the press these days is about a new diva diet that promises to shed pounds or stones in a short space of time.  They do not work.  Yes, you may lose weight, but you are actually losing retained water, muscle, definition and slowing your metabolism right down so that the moment you have any type of normal consumption again, not only do the pounds pile back on, but a few extra join them, just to really antagonise you.  Weight loss aside, short, fad diets effect so much more than your waistline. Stripping all the goodness from your daily routine will send your body into shock and this will immediately show in dry, grey skin that is suddenly very prone to breakouts, sunken, tired eyes, brittle, coarse hair, lack of energy, irritability, sensitivity – basically you will suddenly epitomise Bridezilla herself.

Make the choice to commit to a healthy lifestyle between now and your wedding day, a lifestyle that with will-power is achievable, attainable and easily included in your life.  Take it step by step and address each of these items,

–          How many times a week can I commit to exercising?  Exercise has to become a part of your life but not take over your life.  There is no point suddenly committing to 7 days a week if you are currently doing nothing.  Aim for 3-5 days a week to help ensure you stick with it.

–          What am I consuming daily? When you write down every single thing you eat or drink over a couple of days, you will suddenly see where all the extra biscuits, nibbles, and additions are building up.  Once you know that, then it makes it easier to consciously say no.  A lot of the time it’s habitual rather than necessity that adds on those extra calories.

–          Never skip breakfast.  It kick-starts your body’s metabolism into burning energy for the rest of the day.  Start your day with food that will slowly release energy throughout the day and help boost our ability to replenish cells and keep your body in tip top condition.  CA_TheaPorridge made with water with some fresh berries is a fantastic start or try poached eggs with grilled tomatoes and mushroom salad.

–          Reduce your salt intake.  Too much salt makes your body retain water to try and dilute it and ends up leaving you bloated.

–          Reduce your sugar intake.

–          Boost your berry intake, one handful of berries a day can do wonders for your complexion, eyes and hair, not to mention give you a boost of energy and keep everything moving on the inside.

–          Up the fibre.  Fibre is not to be sneered at, a diet rich in fibre helps to keep your body regular, flushing out any build up of toxins and avoiding bloating.

–          Water, Water, Water! Always keep a bottle of water with you.  A lot of people these days reach for a snack when in fact they are just thirsty.  Water helps to de-bloat, de-toxify, replenish and recover your body from the inside out, never underestimate the effects of water.  It’s every top models, top celebrities and top brides under announced best beauty secret!

So, get up, get out, get moving, and get eating healthily, a steady lifestyle will see you reap all the rewards and glow not just on your big day, but on every day after it! Because don’t forget, just like marriage, health isn’t just for 24 hours…. 

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