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Brides, are you trying to break away from the standard bridal protocol for your wedding day but still want to hold on to a few subtle sentimental features that are meaningful to you and your groom?

A (1208)Firstly, it’s you wedding day so your way is ‘the way’, no exceptions, no influences, no trying to the tick the boxes of others expectations.  So, before you start adding sentimental elements into your day, be sure that they are elements that are truly sentimental to you and will mean something throughout the day.

Wedding ideas should by unique to you, but here are a few that we found the most sentimental and memorable


Match Gown to Mother of the Brides Outfit

For many brides, their relationship with their mother strengthens during the wedding planning.  Growing and evolving from a mother-daughter relationship to a deeper friendship.  What could be more perfect than matching an element of the brides wedding gown into the Mother of the Brides outfit. Whether it be the choice of fabric (think delicate lace perhaps or organza elements), a matching embellishment (keep pearls with pearls and diamonds with diamonds) or ruffle that exude the same style of the brides choice.  Likewise, consider merging brides hairstyle and mothers hat styles.  If brides hair detailing is to the left, the mothers hat should sit to the right to re-enforce the subtle sentimental style and leave both mother and daughter shining on the day.



 Choose Flowers From Your Home Garden

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If you have happy memories growing up surrounded by flowers in the garden whether a sleek city patio or a countryside woodland, then what could be more calming and sentimental as you start a whole new chapter than incorporating those old happy memories into your first bouquet.


Choose Table Names That Mean Something

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Nothing is worse than tables that are named 1 -10.  Immediately the people at 10 feel they are the least important guests at the wedding and were seated at the last table.  Use the table naming as another opportunity to express your relationship, your individual personalities and styles.  Al table names can be from a similar theme, or merge a selection of names that come from you and from him.  For example, if he is obsessed with Formula 1 and you with Ballet and you have 10 tables, why not have 5 names after the top F1 drivers and 5 names after the top prima-ballerinas.  Perhaps you are both wine connoisseurs, choose vineyards or winery’s as table names, perhaps you feel in love over food, choose your 10 shared favourite dishes.  Think outside the box…

A (1167)Choose A Menu That Means Something

Unless it is price related, nobody should chose a regurgitated menu of vegetable soup, beef or salmon and trio desert plate.  This is your first meal as a married couple, choose the food you both love! Everyone pallets have evolved and people are willing to try new foods so forget about trying to choose people pleasing menu’s, you’re paying for it so choose the tastes that bring make you happy.  What was the first meal you had together, your favourite restaurants best dish, you most memorable culinary experience, choose your taste, it’s sentimental and delicious! And, if your guests don’t like your menu choice, so what, there’s never a McD’s too far away on their journey home and room service is 24hrs.


Make this once in a lifetime day truly sing with sentimental touches that help you start your married life full of happiness, hope and memories!

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