Training a Bride – Wedding Trains

Trends are always coming full circle, but rarely as often to trends reappear as in bridal.  One trend that seems to be back in full swing and firmly here to stay on gowns are wedding trains.  From royalty to celebrity, think Kate Middleton’s to Kim Kardashian’s, trains are back on the aisle!  Here’s what you need to know about the different train lengths and their appropriateness.

But is a train always appropriate? There’s a lot of wedding etiquette embedded into the look, as there are many styles. To help, we broke down the rules and guidelines to follow when choosing a wedding dress train.

There a lot of information out there about train ‘etiquettes-ness’ and tradition along with a lot of nonsense about avoiding having a train if it is a second wedding or non religious ceremony. How ridiculous, if a train works with a wedding gown, a wedding location and a brides style, then wear it, and wear it proudly!  Here’s what you need to know about veils and best gown silhouettes to wear them with

Ball gown silhouette wedding dresses with trains are a traditional classic, but as this trend of trains has come full swing, trains now feature on all main silhouettes be it, column, slender A-Line and fit to flare gowns.

A Brush Train: A small train that trails from the base of the gown for about six inches. This veil is a great choice for a fit to flare or mermaid gown or for an outdoor venue.  Also a great choice for a bride who wants to dance the night away without having to alter the gown or train to allow it. 

A Chapel Train: A train that extends from the base of the gown for 1-2 foot along the floor. This is the most common style of train and normally best paired with a single tier veil.  An elegant look that is still very wearable and easily altered, lanyard or bustle, later in the day to allow the bride to dress and enjoy the festivities.

A Cathedral Train: This train extends 2 foot+ from the base of the gown and gives a much more extravagant look. The length and practicality of these trains normally reverts most brides to a Chapel train instead, however a Cathedral trained gown with a removable train makes it much more wearable (if you love this length train don’t sacrifice it, just make sure it can be adapted later in the day!).

Whether you are looking for a swish, a swing or an extravagant swoosh, there is a train out there for you!

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