Wedding Fitness – Easy Rules to a Flat Stomach

Greta_4682Every bride dreams of looking her best on her wedding day, but what everyone forgets is that life continues to go on as normal throughout the wedding preparations and planning.  Many brides don’t have the opportunity to hire a private dietitian, personal fitness trainer and life coach to ensure they reach their health and fitness goals ahead of their big day.  But just because your not hitting the gym and munching on lettuce daily does not mean that you can’t integrate small alterations in your daily routine to help you look your best in your dress.

Let’s focus on the small changes you can incorporate to work your way to a flatter stomach in your wedding gown.


– Always Eat Breakfast.  Your body has been fasting for normally 8-12 hours and when you wake in the morning, just like how hard you find it to get out of the bed, your metabolism needs a boost to get it actively working again too.  Also, skipping breakfast is a sure way to ensure impulse grazing and higher calorie and fat consumption throughout the day as without breakfast to stabalise your blood sugar and release energy throughout the morning, you are far more likely to over indulge when the rumbling starts.

– Include Greek Yogurt in your diet.  Although people often try to avoid dairy to beat bloating, Greek Yogurt actually contains natural element that help your digestive system function and naturally decreases bloating.

– Slow Down.  With such fast paced lives these days it’s very easy to wolf down food, but it’s time to slow down!  By chewing and eating more slowly, you allow your body to register what it is ingesting and actually accurately relay to you when you are full.  By slowing down it prevents over eating and a more satisfactory feeling.

– Add natural anti-bloating foods and natural digestive aids such as peppermint tea, ginger, pineapple, parsley and Greek yogurt.

– Exercise.  All exercise counts, even if it is only 30 minutes daily.  Exercise, apart from increasing your fitness ability, strengthening your heart, lungs and muscles and improving your tone, also plays a vital part in increasing your metabolism and decreasing bloating, especially in the stomach area.

– Water. Pay attention to your daily water intake.  You need to be hitting approximately 2L daily, apart from re-hydrating the body this will flush out all toxins, improve digestion and help your metabolism and of course this all helps stay bloat free.


– Don’t Drink through a Straw.  This increases the amount of air you swallow which can cause bloating.

– Don’t Chew excessive gum.  This again increases the amount of air you swallow but also increases the expectant acids in the stomach that are expecting food to follow the chewing.  When no food follows, the excess acid can play apart in causing havoc with your gut and promoting bloating.

– Don’t chose carbonated soft drinks.  Apart from the carbonation adding to air and bloating in the stomach, the processed sweetener in these drinks is a prime cause of gas and stomach bloating.  Opt for the reliable water to stay hydrated, avoid bloating and aid your digestive system.

– Don’t over indulge in dried apricots and prunes.  They can be very high in condensed sugars that take a long time to break down and as a result promotes bloating during the process.

– Don’t over load on dairy products (apart from Greek Yogurt).   A lot of people can have mild aversions to dairy that can have noticeable bloating effects, especially on the stomach area.  Cut down your dairy and try to avoid introducing to many new dairy elements into your diet when you are trying to stay bloat free.

– Don’t add salt.  A sprinkling of salt may seem harmless but salt is a killer in the world of bloating as it retains water in the gut and ensures bloating follows.  Flavor to your hearts content with fresh herbs, chilli’s, peppers, but leave the salt shaker behind

Small changes can have a big impact.  Follow these tips to help start your way towards a bloat free, flat stomached wedding day!

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