Bad Bridesmaids 2… The Know-It-All!!

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So its time for the second part of the Bridesmaid-Zilla series. Bad Bridesmaids 2… The know-it-all!! Read on to find out how to spot the know it all, what to expect from her and how to deal with her!!


Bridesmaid-Zilla No 2



This particular breed of Bridesmaid-Zilla probably doesnt even realise she is being difficult, she is usually well intentioned and infact may not even be a bridesmaid just an older sister, cousin or aunt who has done it all before and believes she is dealing out advice. Her advice however can be overbearing, demanding and far too opinionated. Shes more interested in telling you about what she did and what you should do than making sure your dress and your day are exactly what you want!


As the bride you should be able to spot this one coming. She will be older than you and will probably have gotten married in the last 10 years or so. From the moment you announced your engagement she has been telling you what she did for her wedding, what you should do, what dress would suit you etc.


When it comes to shopping for your wedding dress she immediately will try to take over the appointment. She isn’t just your worst nightmare at this point she is every girl who works in a bridal shops worst nightmare too! She will start pulling out dresses telling you what will suit you, telling you what she doesn’t like a about certain dresses etc its all about her.If you are a timid bride she could very easily bully you through the whole process which is not what you need be it well intentioned or otherwise.


The best way to deal with this situation is to take her wedding dress shopping with you once! Just grin and bear the experience, basically just do a bit of people pleasing and let the girl taking the appointment in the boutique try to control the situation a little bit! After that don’t take her back until you have found your dress and make sure you have one or two others with you for a little back up! Don’t let her talk you out of your decision because its not what she would have wanted, always remember its your day and your dress!!


She will probably behave similarly when shopping for bridesmaids dresses. No doubt she will try to tell you what colour schemes to go with and what ones not to go with and what dresses will and will not suit her and your other bridesmaids. Once again she thinks she is being helpful although more than likely somewhat bossy.


To help in this situation try to have a clear idea of what you want, what colour schemes and styles and have reasons ready as to why your choosing these colors and styles. For example the groom really doesn’t like pink, or the green will clash with the interiors of the reception or you’ve seen the flowers you want and your picking the bridesmaids colour to suit them. Reasons for your decisions beyond the fact that your the bride should not be needed but in this case it will explain away all of her suggestions and ideas.


Just remember that with the odd exception your know-it-all bridesmaid is only trying to help so don’t be too hard on her. Believe me it could be a lot worse!!!


by Zita Kelly, ZeeRailed





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