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Bridesmaidzilla ZeeRailed


Bridezillas may be a famous American TV show but in my experience its the bridesmaids that can be more like the monster that tore down New York, only this time they are trying to tear down your wedding. Brides-Maid-Zillas I like to call them and they would try the patience of a saint.


We all remember Anne Hathaways co-worker from hell that was her maid of honor in Bride Wars, well she was a nightmare but believe me she that was only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bridesmaids from hell. I’ve seen tantrums, tears (usually the poor brides), rows and pure solid ignorance. So I’m going to start a little Brides-Maid -Zilla series here where I’ll share tales and dish out advice on how to spot a bridesmaid from hell. So here is my advice on how to deal with a bad bridesmaid and how not to be one, well thats simple really if your not cut out for it just say NO!


Bridesmaid-Zilla No. 1

The Spoiled Child


We all know them. It doesn’t matter how old these girls get they can still throw a good tantrum if they don’t get things their way. This is exactly the type of girl you don’t want as a bridesmaid. Unfortunatley though this particular type of Bridesmaid-Zilla tends to be a family member or future sister-in-law and its not always possible to not include them. So if offering them another part in your wedding isn’t an option here is some of what to expect and how to deal with her.


Shopping for the wedding dress is usually an exciting and happy experience for the Bride-To-Be and her bridesmaids. It is common for everyone to get a little giddy or emotional, everyone except the spoiled child bridesmaid-zilla. She is more likely to be sitting silently in the corner  looking completely disinterested, almost as if she’d rather be sticking pins in her eyeballs than be part of the experience.

The solution. Leave her at home. Go dress shopping on days she is working, tell her its the only appointment you could get, that way you get to enjoy the whole experience. Bring her along then when you have picked your dress, if you want her to see it.


When you start shopping for bridesmaids dresses, well, thats when the tantrums start. Be prepared for anything from her taking over and dictating because now its her time in the limelight to her sitting with a face like a slapped backside refusing to try anything on.

First of all your going to need to be stern and be able to nip her tantrums in the bud. If you aren’t that way inclined make sure either your mother or one of your other bridesmaids is and assign them the job of keeping her in line. Don’t forget its your wedding, your vision and your money so even though you want your bridesmaids to be comfortable and happy in what they are wearing for the day don’t let your bridesmaid-zilla dictate your wedding day to you.


There are plenty of horror stories about spoiled child bridesmaid-zillas planning her own perfect hen party and passing it off as what you want etc but thats another blog. If I manage to get you through the dress shopping without too many dramas I’ll have done my part!


So here is my advice for all the bridesmaids. If your sister, cousin, friend or soon to be sister-in-law asks you to be a bridesmaid it is an honor, but it means sucking up your pride and putting your feelings to one side to make her day all that SHE wants it to be. If you don’t think you can do that, politely decline and ask if there is anything else you can do for the wedding. Who knows you might be doing the two of you a favor.


By Zita Kelly ZeeRailed



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“Bridesmaid-Zillas – Dealing With A Bad Bridesmaid”
  • I really like that last part, honestly if you know you’re going to be a disaster, it’s definitely best to decline.

    I’ve been a bridesmaid three time myself and you’re right it’s ALL about the bridge, that’s it. Nothing more!

    Great post Zita!

    • Thanks Karen :)

      There really is nothing worse than a bridesmaid who thinks she should be the centre of attention… some people just aren’t cut out for it and thats okay! Its an honor to be asked but if your not cut out for it its okay to say no!

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