Shopping for a Plus Size Wedding Dress

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Wedding Dress shopping can be stressful for every bride but it can be much more stressful for a plus size bride. If you are a beautiful plus size bride to be and the thoughts of going shopping for your dream dress is giving you palpitations I’m here to help. My top tips for shopping for a plus size wedding dress will settle your nerves and guide you to your dream dress…


  • First of all don’t panic, don’t get it into your head that you’ll have to make do or that you’ll have to wear some sort of a tent or a meringue like in Muriels Wedding. You don’t, there is plenty of choice out there, you just might have to put in a little extra ground work to get the best out of it. Your dream dress is out there and you will find it.


  • Do your research. Every bride has to do her research but yours might include some extra specific steps. Follow these to make your search easier and to avoid any uncomfortable “I’m sorry but we don’t have anything in your size” moments. It may sound ridiculous and unfair but not all wedding dress shops carry plus size dresses so don’t just assume that they do and make an appointment without asking first, it could lead to a waisted journey and an uncomfortable encounter.


  • When enquiring about sample sizes be honest about your size. There is no point inlying about your size because its only you that will be disappointed. Do remember that wedding dresses tend to run small and don’t get a shock if you find yourself in a dress one or two sizes up from what you would buy on the high street. This is why there is no point in lying about your size, you need to know you will fit into the sample. The shop assistant doesn’t care if you are a size 18 or 28 she just wants to get you into dresses that will fit and suit you.


  • When you start looking at wedding dresses you need to be realistic. There is no point saving lots of images of dresses from designers main collections, they may not even be available in your size.  Most designers produce a plus size collection so make sure you are looking at them when researching what dresses you like.


  • When doing your research find out what styles and what designers you are gravitating towards and then find out what boutiques carry them. When you contact the boutique to make an appointment ask what sizes they carry in the ranges and dresses you are liking.


  • Some boutiques stock only plus size dresses.They are worth a look as you know that they will have a large selection of dresses available for you to try on.


  • Plus size dresses start at a size 18, which can be a normal size 16. If you are in that size bracket you have the choice of dresses from the main range or from the plus size range. Don’t restrict yourself to the plus size dresses but also do not exclude them from your shopping experience because they carry a plus size label. Remember no-one but you need know your dress is from a plus size range and you may find the perfect dress.


  • If you see a dress that you really like either in a boutique in a smaller size or online, find out the designer and the name or style number of the dress and ring around to see if anyone has it in your size or closer to your size. Nine times out of ten you will find a shop with a sample you can try on.


With all those extra tips in mind take a look here for my tips on wedding dress shopping. Happy Shopping Ladies!


By Zita Kelly

Fashion stylist, writer and blogger




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